Woodwind Installation: For Sunny Days and Easy Living

When it comes to home installations, you’ve got to tread a fine line. On one hand, you’re investing in your home, so you want to know you’re getting high-quality components and a timeless design. On the other hand, this is your house, and you need to feel comfortable living in it.

That’s where installations like the Woodwind really shine. With its wide-open design and elegant components, this is an installation that’s as lovely to look at as it is easy to unwind in. Let’s learn more!


Elegant Contrasts

Striking the right balance of colors in a living room is a delicate process. After all, this is an environment you’re creating to be lived in, and even subtle color contrasts can make a huge difference from day-to-day.

Contrast is the backbone of Woodwind’s design philosophy, at least in terms of color. Enjoy a bright Sunday lunch in this large, open space, as you soak in the marble finishings and delicate lighting. With beautifully warm wood furnishings and cupboards to add depth, this is a room that expertly blends cool simplicity with comforting accents for a great overall look.

Straight Lines and Round Backs

As we’ve said, one of the biggest hallmarks of this kitchen installation is its contrast. We see that in its use of color, but also in the way it uses lines and curves to create balance.

Guests to your home will sit under a ceiling broken up into long, parallel trays running the entire length of the room. This has the effect of raising the look of your ceiling while providing space for your lighting, for a more interesting look than a standard, flat ceiling.

The straight lines in your ceiling and countertops are complemented by round-backed wooden chairs and barstools, which dot the kitchen. The end result is a kitchen that is equal parts cool and easy to live in. 

A Splash of Light

Every room needs a centerpiece to tie it together, and the Woodwind is no difference. Hanging low from the ceiling in the center of the room is an ornate light fixture that’s sure to get guests and family members alike talking, time and time again.

Wave-shaped bars flanked by soft strip lighting in alternating configurations create a water-like effect. The entire thing is dangled securely over the room, for a look almost like it’s floating. With this lit up, you’re not just turning on a light - you’re bringing out something truly special in your kitchen. And isn’t that kind of creativity what high-end kitchen installations are all about?

Ladies and gentlemen: the Woodwind kitchen installation. Discover this and other amazing kitchen installations, designed and installed by Cabinetry Creations Inc.

Just A Pop Of Red: A Daring Kitchen Installation

Sometimes, you’ve just got to give your home something a little…daring. It’s one thing to create a comfortable, quiet and unintimidating room. It’s another thing entirely to say something with your kitchen. And when it comes to kitchens that say things, nothing says it louder than Just A Spot Of Red.

Cabinetry Creations Inc.’s bold, vibrant kitchen installation is equal parts crisp white surfaces and elegant wood cabinets. From the recessed lighting to the electrifying red central hanging lamp, this is a captivating installation. Let’s take a closer look.


Creating a beautiful room installation is subtle work. It takes a balance of functionality with the countertops, cupboards and lighting, with boldness in the colors and decor. 

With Just A Pop Of Red, Cabinetry Creations Inc. uses a balance of square and rectangular countertops, cupboards and wall panels with rounded bowls, lights, and vases. The entire space is finished off with a bright red lamp like a literal cherry on top, offsetting the room for a charming finish.


Sleek frameless cabinetry and a recessed oven keep the wall line unbroken and smooth, with wooden slats adding a rich, textured frame around everything. This kind of contrast is incredibly important to creating an authentic, gorgeous living space.

Imagine a kitchen decked out entirely in white. It might sound nice, but even in just the wrong light, it can seem sterile and uninviting. Similarly, a space covered in wood and darker decor can feel “heavy”. Contrasts like A Splash Of Red give the eye more to look at, and the kitchen installation results? Well, just take a look.

Open Plan Design

Open plan spaces aren’t anything new in the world of kitchen design, but Just A Pop Of Red makes fantastic use of this style. Elegant and understated, this kitchen opens up to the house around it, making it seem twice as big as a result.

The effect is also to create a “warmer” space. Have guests over for dinner or the kids watching TV in the nearby living room, and everyone in the room can talk to each other. Everyone can smell what’s cooking, without going back and forth between rooms, for a wide-open home space custom made for building happy memories.

A Pop Of Red is a kitchen installation that brings living spaces to life, with bold contrasts and innovative space usage. See more of this installation or find out more about their services, today.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Orlando: The Lakeside Kitchen

In today’s article, we’ll be putting this bold, angular kitchen space under the microscope in all of its contrasting glory. With a sleek, modern look that’s equal parts practical and effortlessly good looking, Lakeside is an installation that’s more than just a room in your house.

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