From Sketchbook... to Cookbook!

So, how do we get started?  What styles and finishes do you have?  Where am I going to put my mixer?  And, can we get it all done and installed next week?   If you have these questions and more, rest assured you're in good company.  One of the most common things clients want to know is how the process works.  With over 30 years experience in the cabinetry business we've developed a solid system that ensures each project runs smoothly, from the first meeting through installation and beyond, giving everyone involved peace of mind every step of the way!

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phase 1:  gather The Ingredients

Our first step on this journey is for us to get to know more about you and for you to get know more about us! 

  • Contact us to schedule an appointment, so that our designer may give you undivided attention!
  • Review your house/project plan, determine scope of work, timeline requirements
  • Brainstorm ideas, preferences, needs, wants &  wishes, appliances & plumbing
  • Discuss cabinet/door style options, finishes & related costs relative to budget comfort zone
  • Establish basic layout and selections for initial estimate

~ Feel free to bring along your architect, builder or contractor to this initial consultation and subsequent meetings - we find it very helpful!  Don't have one yet?  No worries, we can provide recommendations! ~

phase 2: test the recipe

Here, we're focused on aligning the ingredients - those needs, wants and wishes we discussed earlier - with your house/project plan and budget. 

  • Present preliminary floor plan layout(s) & pricing
  • Discuss pros & cons, alternatives & options
  • Agree upon design vision & workable budget
  • Establish intent to move forward with Phase 3
  • Collect design retainer for 3D drawings and additional design work (the amount is deducted from your deposit when you purchase cabinets from us!)

Phase 3: Fine-tune the recipe

Now we're cooking!  We'll take everything we've done so far and keep working at it until it is exactly the space you've dreamed of!

  • Schedule site visit for field measure, if site is ready (if not, we will conduct this step in Phase 4)
  • Complete & present 3D drawings for review
  • Fine-tune layout
  • Finalize cabinetry selections, organizational tools & inserts
  • Obtain final appliance & plumbing selections
  • Discuss hardware options
  • Finalize drawings
  • Finalize pricing
  • Review timing & builder responsibilities (lighting, site readiness/conditions, etc.)
  • Proposal sign-off
  • Collect deposit

phase 5: Execute the recipe

It's show time!  We're ready for delivery and installation!

  • Verify & schedule delivery date with builder
  • Deliver cabinets & begin installation
  • Collect delivery amount
  • Install cabinetry to completion
  • Ensure client satisfaction
  • Final billing
  • Enjoy your dream space!


phase 4: finalize the recipe

To ensure accurate cabinetry order processing and timely installation, our project manager preps for and submits your orders, and coordinates with you and your builder in the field - making sure every last detail is addressed to your satisfaction!

  • Schedule site visit for field measure, if site wasn't ready before
  • Adjust & prepare cabinetry drawings, engineered to field measurements
  • Begin processing orders with manufacturers
  • Schedule site visit for cabinetry layout
  • Review engineered drawings & layout with client & builder 
  • Engineered drawing sign-off
  • Submit final order details
  • Remain in communication with builder & client on timing