Custom Kitchen Cabinets Orlando: The Lakeside Kitchen

Home installations are a chance to transform the spaces you live in. With the right combination of cabinets, countertops, and appliances, we can turn a room you’re just living in into a space with some personality.

Take Cabinetry Creations Inc.’s Lakeside kitchen installation, for instance. In today’s article, we’ll be putting this bold, angular kitchen space under the microscope in all of its contrasting glory. With a sleek, modern look that’s equal parts practical and effortlessly good looking, Lakeside is an installation that’s more than just a room in your house.

Join Cabinetry Creations Inc., leaders in Custom Kitchen Cabinets Orlando, today for a closer look at this striking kitchen installation.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Orlando


The human eye is drawn to symmetrical objects. In Cabinetry Creations Inc.’s Lakeside installation, you might notice the bold lines and contrasting colors first, but your brain probably noticed how symmetrical the room was long before anything else.

A large, rectangular range in the middle of the kitchen is flanked on either sides by identical doorways. Leading into the foreground, we find a gleaming white countertop, linked with four identical kitchen stools. And the entire kitchen is finished in contrasted bold charcoal and white colors.

Finally, notice how the lines from the darker cabinets on the left match up with the tops of the alcoves on the right, leading your eye into the middle of the room. Symmetry plays a big role in this installation, and it does its work wonderfully.

Integrated Cabinetry

Integrated cabinet doors are a great way to completely use up any wall space, and we see that in our Lakeside kitchen installation.

With minimal gaps between cabinet doors, drawers, and integrated appliances, the effect is a completely flush surface without any major breaks in the flow of the wall. Steel handles and appliance finishes add a modern flair, for a row of cabinets as gorgeous as they are functional.

Color Scheme

The last entry on our list is also one of the most important in any room installation: color scheme. In the case of Lakeside, muted greys, whites, dark wooden doors, and steel fixtures come together around a massive, commercial range hood. A warm wooden ceiling and spotlights bring a splash of color, for a welcoming, homely kitchen space.

Your living space is more than just a collection of rooms. Kitchen installations like Lakeside prove that, with bold symmetry and gorgeous designs coming together to create something truly special.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Orlando

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