La Ferme: A Gorgeous Installation You'll Want To Live In

Debi Mazar once said, “The kitchen is the heart of every home”. Even when we’re not eating, cooking, or really doing anything in a kitchen, we tend to spend much more of our spare time in the kitchen than anywhere else. And this is why homeowners invest more into transforming their kitchens than any other room in their house.

Which brings us to Cabinetry Creations Inc.’s sumptuous La Ferme kitchen installation. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of the most charming, roomy, welcoming installations in our catalog. Featuring unobtrusive inset cabinets, soft colors, and a gorgeous island with overlaid doors, you’ll want to live in this is a kitchen installation, not just cook in it.

Color and Style

La Ferme is a great example of style meeting functionality. White cabinets, walls, and ceiling are complemented by an earthy brown wood floor and dark countertops, for an effect that looks inviting without being basic. A massive island breaks up the color scheme, inverting it with a white counter and cabinets the color of dark chocolate.

Kitchen installations are, of course, about creating a better, more attractive living space. But nobody wants to spend time in a room that feels cold or overly decked out. The La Ferme balances these two concepts out, creating a kitchen space as bright as a summer’s day and effortlessly elegant.


Early on, we described the La Ferme as blending style and functionality. While it’s certainly a good looking kitchen, this is also the perfect place to prepare a meal, pack a few school lunches, and take care of those pesky dishes. A massive gas stove, oven, and proving drawer combo are set under a studded metal range hood, giving you all the space you’ll ever need to cook, bake and experiment.

The room gets added symmetry from a pair of matching, teardrop-shaped light fixtures. This, and the round print of the kitchen chairs and nearby bowl-shaped lamp shades smooths out the room’s square edges for a great overall look.

Interested in kitchen installations like the La Ferme? Or a La Ferme installation of your very own? Visit Cabinetry Creations Inc. and let us turn your kitchen into something better, today!